Saturday, November 7, 2009
Renaissance Hotel ~ Tulsa, OK


    The fourth quarter meeting of the Dalmatian Club of America Foundation Board of Directors was called to order at 7:45 PM CST on Saturday, November 7, 2009, at the Renaissance Hotel, Tulsa, OK, by President James W Smith. DCAF Directors present in addition to President Smith were Mrs. Norma Baley, Mrs. Sharon Boyd, Mr. John Cramer, Dr. J. Charles Garvin, Mrs. Meg Ispas-Hennessey, Mr. Robert Lawson, Ms. Laura Lightholder, and Mrs. Sheila Wymore.


    Minutes of the August 22, 2009 Foundation Meeting in Bloomington, Minnesota were distributed by e-mail and regular mail. No corrections were received at distribution; Dr. Garvin noted a motion on Page 3 that had not been notated in bold font. There being no further additions or corrections, Dr. Garvin made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected; seconded by Mr. Cramer, the motion passed.

    Communication regarding a report from the Grants Committee on the status of the grant proposal from Dr. Bartges had previously been circulated to the officers and board after the last meeting. An email vote had been taken, and the results were overwhelmingly in support of dispensing $25,000 in grant monies to Dr. Bartges. Dr. Garvin made a motion to ratify the email approval of the $25,000 amount for the Bartges grant. Seconded by Mr. Cramer, the motion passed unanimously.


    A. President - Mr. Jim Smith.
    Mr. Smith remarked that it is his hope that the Bartges research will now proceed with all due haste as it could prove significant to the health of the Dalmatian. There are obstacles to overcome, but Mrs. Hennessey, Dr. Iwaoka, and Mrs. Truitt are working diligently with Dr. Bartges to facilitate progress.

    Mr. Smith also noted the tremendous turnout the DNA project has been getting and feels that by the time the first year is completed in late spring of 2010, we will be more than pleased with the results.

    B. Vice President - Meg Hennessey -
    Mrs. Hennessay reported on the results of our request to investigate getting the Foundation an account on e-Bay. First step is to have Ms. Soukup set up an email address specifically for that account, ebay@thedcaf.org, or something similar. It would be tied into our existing Paypal account. Donated items would need to be photographed attractively; Robert Skibinski has been volunteered to do that and Cinda Haff also takes pictures of items in her possession. Cinda Haff has said she would be happy to mail out the packages, but is not interested in managing the eBay account. Cindy Bowman has volunteered to get the pictures posted on eBay and manage the auctions. Mrs. Hennessey will proceed to get the account set up.

    C. Secretary's Report - Sheila Wymore -

      The report details the activities of the DCAF secretary between 8/14/09 and 11/5/09.

      Correspondence sent

      • August meeting minutes compiled from audio files and emailed to the board members
      • November meeting notice sent to the Officers and Board of Directors by e-mail or regular mail.
      • Correspondence with treasurer regarding historic information on the changeover of his office in 2008

      Correspondence received

      • Emails/mail from the treasurer with information input for the donor lists as now maintained by the secretary.


      • Continuing work on the Standing Rules, as all minutes have been located and are now ready to be scanned and motions entered.

    D. Treasurer's Report - Rob Lawson -

      Mr. Lawson submitted a report with a Balance Sheet from January 1, 2009 through November 1, 2009, showing Assets/Liabilities of $376,113.86. The Income/Expense detail for the same period listed revenues to date of $51,486.41 and expenses of $9,623.87 for a total of $41,862.54 excess of income over expense.

      In reviewing the statement Mr. Lawson reported that our investment accounts are recovering nicely from the lows reported after the first of the year. The Charles Schwab account has increased its worth to the point that advisor Christine Gogan feels that we can afford to move the monies. Mr. Lawson will be in touch with her to determine the best placement for the funds. General donations and memorials came in at an exceptional level considering the current financial climate, a credit to our members.

      Mr. Lawson has not yet been in touch with Kathy Aycock as yet, but now has her correct number and will endeavor to reach her regarding chairing the Development Committee.

    Dr. Garvin made a motion to accept the reports of the officers. Seconded by Mrs. Baley, the motion passed.


      DCAF Christmas Cards: - Julia Soukup.
      The DCAF Web site page for Christmas cards has been updated for new site design and slide show to display card designs. Graphic banner created for outside website advertisement use and membership asked to display banner and link on individual websites as well as email friends, family, firehouses and anyone else who may love spotted dogs. Card availability announced on DCA Members List, ShowDals and on FaceBook.

      DCAF Online Auction: - Cinda Haff -
      The online auction is gearing up for coming auctions for the holiday season. Hopefully participants will enjoy the offerings and we'll receive active bidding on these items. Items will include unique handcrafted Dalmatian items, collectibles, kid's toys, clothing and jewelry. The Dalmatian community has been very generous these past months with donations and providing a nice inventory of items to select from for the auctions. We always appreciate people providing support to the online auction activities and continued support of DCAF.

      DCAF Gala: Norma Baley and Rob Lawson -
      There will be a few changes to the 2010 event. Tickets will be handed out in a packet that will contain dinner/Top Twenty/Gala tickets. Having the tickets distributed ahead of time will eliminate the waiting in line prior to the event and give more time to socialize during the event.

      There will be a light jazz combo playing, dimmed lights, and full decorations as well. No auction is planned, just an elegant evening prior to the Top Twenty.

      These changes will be advertised prior to the event and the ticket sales.

    V. Investment Committee Report - Rob Lawson -

      Mr. Lawson had previously reported during his Treasurer's report that the Charles Schwab account has reached the point that we can consider moving the funds to another investment. Again, he will be in contact with Christine Gogan.

    VII. GRANTS COMMITTEE REPORT - David Doane - No action required.


    1. Website - Julia Soukup -
      Ms. Soukup reported her activities with regard to maintaining the web site.

        Additions or Updates (since last report in August):
        • Update & Redesign Christmas Card page
        • New banner for other websites
        • New banner for flash show
        • Change and add to Flash banner on main page
        • Re-index site for search feature

        Projects in Progress

        • Redesign web site - ongoing.

    2. Heritage - Carol O'Brien -
      Ms. O'Brien is concerned with the proper timing for introducing requests to consider making estate gifts to DCAF. We initially agreed we were awaiting an economic recovery. It would seem that in 2010 a few things could happen that would improve this environment:
      1. DCAF projects
      2. a probable change in estate tax policy and
      3. a stabilization of the economy, or at least a less anxious feeling about it.

      Ms. O'Brien feels that DCAF might consider a communications effort for the Heritage Society sometime in 2010 and outlined her committee's approach. The board was in full support of her plan and Mr. Smith will communicate that to her.

    Mrs. Skibinski made a motion to accept the committee reports as presented. Seconded by Dr. Garvin, the motion passed unanimously.


There was no old business to bring before the board.


    There was no new business to bring before the board.


    There being no further business, Mrs. Hennessey made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:300 PM CST. Seconded by Mr. Lawson, the motion was approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sheila Wymore
DCAF Secretary

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