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We thank the following people for their contributions, memorials and honor role submissions. You are now part of, or continue to be part of the success of the Foundation, which is ultimately for the DALMATIAN.

Donation Levels (life time): Supporter $50-$99; Donor $100-$249; Grand Donor $250-$599*;
Patron $600-$999; Grand Patron $1,000-$4,999; Benefactor $5,000-$9,999
* You receive a DCAF pin when you reach the Grand Donor level! Click here to find out more.

Contributions 4th Quarter 2005

The DCAF Century Club (for members who donate a minimum of $100 in honor of DCA's 100th Anniversary)

    Rosalyn M. Branaman (Donor)


    Lynette Backman (Grand Donor), in memory of Al Treen
    Adolyn Bartels (Donor) in memory of CH Givens Dalivered Star CGC owned by Julia Soukup
    Michael Bell (Supporter) in memory of D. Marilyn Bell
    Linda Peters (Grand Donor) in memory of Clearly London's Best Edition
    Mark & Sheri Sweeney in memory of Barney, owned by Brad & Susan Jones
    Western Reserve Dalmatian Club (Grand Patron) in memory of Am/Can CH Sparkles Shooting Star CGC, TT owned by Pam & Steve Weisman

In Memory of Am/Can CH Cheshire Signature Silhouette:

    Barbara Berst
    Rosie Branaman (Donor)
    Cheryl Bryant & Steve Whittlesey
    Ronna Hill (Donor)
    Rick & Ruth Miller (Grand Donor)
    Karen Moore (Supporter)
    Judy English Murray
    Doug & Jan Nelson (Patron)
    Helen Siegel (Patron)
    Dave & Sandy Slattum (Supporter)
    Jim Smith (Benefactor)

In Honor of

    Glen Oaks Farms, Glen & Edite Walter (Patron), in honor of new champion Glen Oaks Paisley Pep Talk, owned & shown by Sara Pruyne
    Denise Smulski (Grand Donor) in honor of Hattrick By Design, Best Junior in Sweepstakes & Winners Dog at the Western Reserve Dalmatian Club Specialty

General Donations

    Meg Callea (Patron), Jennifer Cramer (Grand Patron), John Cramer (Grand Patron), Sharon Everson (Grand Donor), Renelle Grajales, Jean Longacre (Supporter), Mary Martin (Grand Donor), Diana Sheley (Supporter), Denise Smulski (Grand Donor), Lois Wilthew (Grand Patron), Robert Wilthew (Grand Donor), Sheila Wymore (Grand Patron)

DCARE Donations

    Luis SK Plaice (Supporter) in memory of Dorothy O’Donnell and her Dalmatian Bootie

Contributions 2nd & 3rd Quarter 2005

The DCAF Century Club (for members who donate a minimum of $100 in honor of DCA's 100th Anniversary)

    Mary & David Liskin (Benefactor), Karen Rochin (Donor), Pru & Ed Stuhr (Grand Donor)- in memory of Gordon E. Mullins, Jennifer Thornburn (Donor), Teresa Vila (Donor), Stephen Whittlesey & Cheryl Bryant (Grand Donor), Christine Wiley (Donor), Diane Bartholomew (Grand Donor), Meg Callea (Patron), Bob Ekle (Patron), David Galloway (Donor), Sherree Gerzanics (Donor), Emily Hoover (Donor), Patrick Jones (Supporter), Marsha Smith (Grand Patron), Ray & Cathy Nogar (Grand Donor), Paula Olcott (Grand Patron), Ed Petit (Donor), Kathryn Blink (Donor), Sharon Boyd (Patron), Paul Carleton (Donor), Scott & Carol Facey (Donor), Irwin Feinberg (Donor), Pamela Fisher (Grand Donor), Ed Flock (Patron), Laura Fowler (Grand Donor), Thomas Hacholski (Grand Donor), Maggie & Cassidy Jackson (Donor), Kim Jennings (Grand Donor), Ken Berg (Grand Patron), Laura Lightholder (Grand Donor), Gerri Lightholder (Grand Donor), Lynn Luikart (Grand Donor), Karen McDonnell (Grand Donor), Steve Nielson (Grand Patron), Betty Pirs (Donor), Peggy Rudder (Benefactor), Connie Wagner (Donor), Anna Wisniewska (Grand Donor), Michele Wrath (Grand Patron), Dr. Suzy Hughes (Patron)- awarded in honor of services donated at the DCA specialty Health Fair, Dr. Kelly Flannigan (Donor)- awarded in honor of services donated at the DCA specialty Health Fair


    Elaine Gewirtz (Grand Donor), in memory of Jack and Pat Rutan & Firebuster’s Desert Rain CDX
    Helen Siegel (Patron), in memory of Paul Lindhorst
    The Dalmatian Club of Southern New England (Grand Patron), Inc., in memory of Gordon Mullins
    Loretta Tomlin (Grand Donor), in memory of Dapper-Dan’s Princess Daisy CDX, NAJ, OA, CGC, ASCACDX and Ch Brookside’s I’ll Play For You CDX, AX, AXJ, RD

In Honor Of

    Golden Triangle Dog Obedience Group in honor of Luane Williams

General Donations

    Carla Baker (Grand Patron), Staten Island Companion Dog Training Club, Inc., Dog Day of Wisconsin, Linda McSherry , Karen Moore (Supporter), Joanne Blewett, Karen Hopmans, Laura Lightholder (Grand Donor), Geri Lightholder (Grand Donor), Jody Lynn & Jim Stuppy, Pam Fisher (Grand Donor), Rosie Flowers, Sue Olsen, David & Cheri Durdel (Supporter), Kris Benoit, Becky Luft (Donor), Harry Belechto, Sharon Boyd (Patron), Paula Lisciotto, Judith Pogue, Jim Smith (Benefactor), Lois Wilthew (Grand Patron), Carolyn Roberts (Donor), Loretta Tomlin (Grand Donor), Jon Mett (Grand Donor), Becky Goodwin (Supporter), Kim Hanna Jenning (Grand Donor), Sue Crist (Supporter), Kathy Norris

DCARE Donations

    Dogs First Class (DCARE)

Purina Weight Circle Donations

    Jan Nelson

Contributions Year End 2004 Additions & 1st Quarter 2005

The DCAF Century Club (for members who donate a minimum of $100 in honor of DCA?s 100th Anniversary)

    Dr. David Doane (Grand Patron), Margie Doane (Grand Patron), Debbie Deuel (Donor) in memory of Sunnyglen’s Buckets Brigade of Whiffletree, Dr. Mary-Lynn Jensen, Ph.D. (Grand Donor) in memory of Jack Rutan and Daphne’s Dominoe CD NA NAJ, Paula Johnson (Donor), Tanya McDonald (Donor), Mary Miller (Grand Donor), Hal Shorr (Donor), Ann Smith (Donor), McHardy Smith (Donor), James Smith (Benefactor), Carol Wells (Donor) in memory of CH Markmaker Never Say Never UD, Kimberley Hess (Donor), Nancy Werhane (Grand Donor), Marilyn Williamson (Grand Patron), Sheila Wymore (Grand Patron), Monte Wymore (Grand Patron), Meg Hennessey (Grand Donor), Mike Hennessey (Grand Donor), Lynn Garvin (Benefactor), Charles Garvin (Benefactor), Boyd Goddard (Grand Patron), Deborah Goddard (Grand Patron), Pamela Tynes (Grand Donor), Jennifer Cramer (Grand Patron), Norma Baley (Patron), Diana Skibinski (Grand Donor), Mary Kathleen Martin (Grand Donor), Dalmatian Club of San Diego County (Grand Donor)


    Margie Doane (Grand Patron), in memory of Navona Ouimette
    Barrie & Sissy Essner , in memory of Max
    Anne & J. Rojas(Grand Patron), in memory of Alfred White
    Brian & Sue Marceau , in memory of CH Gallopade’s V Anne Gogh
    Carolyn Krause (Grand Donor), in memory of UAG-1 CH Duchess Moonlit Masquerade CD CGC
    Western Reserve Dalmatian Club (Grand Patron), in memory of UKC GR. CH Touchstone Four Aces and St. Florian Heart of Princess Leah
    Terri Haase (Donor), in memory of Lexus
    Kathy & Lee McCoubrey (Grand Donor), in memory of CH Ravenwood Stop The World DCX NAJ CGC TDInc VCCX and CH Ravenwood What A Dream I Had CGC
    Susque-Nango Kennel Club, in memory of CH Tongwood’s Once Ina Blue Moon and Tongwood’s New Moon Rising CDX
    Bill & Pam Tynes (Grand Donor), in memory of U-AG1 CH Duchess Moonlit Masquerade CD CGC (1989-2004) and “Annie” Gordon Setter (1991-2005)
    Pat Rutan (Benefactor) in memory of her husband Jack Rutan

In Honor Of

    Barrie Essner (Supporter), in honor of CH Paisley’s Power Play CGC

    Dalmatian Club of San Diego County (Grand Donor), in honor of Ann Fleming at her request in lieu of receiving a judging fee

    Dalmatian Club of Southern California (Grand Patron), in honor of KC of Palm Springs BOW Dalmatians Aberdeen Time For Jessie, owned by Patricia & Bill Meyer (1-8-05), and
    JLS Takin Bets At Paradox, owned by Lynne & Robert Von Mayr and Julia Soukup (1-9-05).

    Sussex Hills Kennel Club, in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Vanderbeck

    Dalmatian Club of Northern California (Grand Patron) in honor of WD and WB winners:
    Hangtown KC Day 1, Fiacre’s Full Court Press and Fiacre’s Truth Or Dare, owned by Carol Chase and Elaine Gewirtz
    Day 2, Fiacre’s Full Court Press, owned by Carol Chase and Elain Gewirtz, and Aberdeen’s Time For Jessie, owned by Patricia & Bill Meyer

    Sacramento Valley Dog Fanciers Day 1, Proctor N Trinity’s Top Gun, owned by Trish Synder and Fiacre’s Truth Or Dare, owned by Carol Chase and Elaine Gewirtz
    Day 2, Fiacre’s Full Court Press, owned by Carol Chase and Elaine Gewirtz and Fiacre’s True Or Dare, Carol Chase and Elaine Gewirtz

    Warrenton Kennel Club (Donor), to the stone study in honor of Kathy & Lee McCoubrey for earning a tracking title with Gwynmor Power Point TD TDInc

General Donations

    Lois Wilthew (Grand Patron), Karen & Terry Wissinger (Grand Donor), Cheryl Sartori Smith, Elaine Dodson (Donor) DCAF Nickel Challenge, Carla Baker (Grand Patron) DCAF Nickel Challenge, Helen Siegel (Patron), Terri Haase (Donor) Nickel Challenge, Becky Goodwin, Stephen Whittlesey (Grand Donor), Loretta Tomlin (Grand Donor) through the DCAF online auction, Julie Lux (Patron)

DCARE Donations

    Dalmatian Club of North Texas (Donor), in memory of Florence Handley

    Obedience Dog Training club of Waterbury (Donor), in memory of Virginia Simonalle

If you have questions about listings or donor acknowledgements contact Sheila Wymore: Wymores@aol.com.

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