We thank the following people for their contributions, memorials and honor role submissions. You are now part of, or continue to be part of the success of the Foundation, which is ultimately for the DALMATIAN.

Donation Levels (life time): Supporter $50-$99; Donor $100-$249; Grand Donor $250-$599*;
Patron $600-$999; Grand Patron $1,000-$4,999; Benefactor $5,000-$9,999
* You receive a DCAF pin when you reach the Grand Donor level! Click here to find out more.

Contributions Submitted with 2003 DCA Dues

General Donations:

    Lesley Beals, Laura Carpenter, Dennis Collingwood, Michelle Collingwood, Donna Hacholski, Thomas Hacholski, Carol Ann Jennings, Mary Lynn Jensen, Patricia Maciejewski, Tanya McDonald, Bradley Mykins, John Phillips, Pat Pile, Robert Reinhold, Geraldine Rosen, Mary Sudzina, Pamela Weisman, Jodene Wilhoit


    Susan Barnett, Michelle Bojescul, Barrie Essner, Martha Fritter, Jennifer Furlong, Janice Hill, Jean Longaacre, Sue MacMillan, Michael Nichols, Sharon Roy, Sharon Rucksdashel, Nancy Sams, Carolyn Smith, Ann Swope, Vicki Talbot, Sally Terris, Loretta Tomlin, Pamela Tynes, Kathryn Vandeloght, Holly Waldrop


    Nancy Bishop, Louis Cesarini, Bryna Comsky, Cindy Conley, Elaine Dodson, Betty Feezor, Dan Greenwald, Mary Beth Haley, Linda Harlow, Jan Heppe, Ronna Hill, Linda Kauffman, Charles Kocur, Timothy Kopet, Philip Kroovand, Barry Martin, Patricia McDonnell, Jon Mett, Emiko Ogawa, Hiroyasu Ogawa, Jacquelyn Quinn, Bronwyn Schoelzel, Denise Smulski, Susan Tong, Don Wageman, Nancy Werhane, Karen Wissinger, Terry Wissinger

Grand Donor:

    Meg Callea, June Dahn, Charles Davis, Jr., Barbara Greenberg, Susanne Hughes, Billie Ingram, Joseph Lightner, Mary Miller, Deborah Nagle, Yuko Okuyama, Pia Pedercini, Anne Scheffelmaier, Julia Soukup, Mary Ann Squire-Reed, Margaret Varnackas, Stephen Whittlesey, Sue Williams, Robert Wilthew, Anna Wisniewska, Michele Wrath


    Norma Baley, Irvin Krukenkamp, Marleen LaPlant, Leslie Selfridge, Sheila Wymore

Grand Patron:

    Eva Berg, Ken Berg, Jennifer Cramer, John Cramer, Ollie Firuski, Karen Hamilton, Robert Lawson, Anne Rojas, Bernhard Voelkelt, Marilyn Williamson

In Memory of Persons:

    Liz Hancock in memory of David Casey

    Susan Marceau in memory of Doris Drinkwater

    Kathleen Riddle (Grand Donor) in memory of Mariann Witherspoon & Janet Thomson

    Luane Williams (Grand Donor) in memory of David Casey

In Memory of Dogs:

    Jan & Doug Nelson (Patron) in memory of CH Harmony Cheshire TRDRK CD RD RDX & CH Harmony Run for the Roses CD RD TT CGC

    Georgiann Rudder (Grand Patron) in memory of CH Dalwood's Merry Knight

    Kathleen Riddle (Grand Donor) in memory of Riddle's Firehouse Casey CGC, Pepper CGC TDI

    Tana Rugg (Patron) in memory of Monumntal Fantasy at Ravenwd CD NA NAJ CGC TDInc

    Pat Zoscak (Grand Donor) in memory of CH Linestone's Crescendo

In Honor of Dogs:

    Kathleen Riddle (Grand Donor) in honor of CH Dreamscape ClearCrk Hotshot

    Marsha Smith (Grand Patron) in honor of CH Phaeton's Top O' The Morning

Litter Pledge:

    Kathleen Riddle (Grand Donor) litter pledge for Amera's Enigma x CH R-Dals Sunny Delight

Contributions for February 1, 2003 - July 1, 2003

General Donations:

    Lois Wilthew (Grand Patron), Jim Smith (Benefactor), Ken & Eva Berg (Grand Patron)

New to Supporter Level

    Sherry & Bill Cornwell, Barry & Mary Lieberman, Thomas & Patricia Lee, Lyra Partch, Elizabeth Huch

New to Donor Level

    Larry & Nanci Good, Joseph Armstrong, Mr. & Mrs. John Lockhart

New to Grand Donor Level

    Helen Siegel, Greater Pittsburgh Dalmatian Club, Cheryl Bryant, Stephen Whittlesey

New to Grand Patron Level

    Anne Rojas, Carol Curlee, Lois Wilthew

In Memory of Persons

    Mariann Witherspoon Richard & Carolyn Pysch, Margaret Somerville, Laura Haberman, Edward & Debra Murdoch, David & Margie Doane (Grand Patron), North Hills School District, Nancy Williams, Barbara & Harry Fleishman, Nora Murdoch, Robert & Judith Shust, Mary Ann Enders, Elva Matous, Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Carter, Eric & Jeanne Witherspoon, Jaine Rodack, Jack & Marcella Austin (Grand Donor), Denny & Kathy Knox, Pat Henry, Barry & Mary Lieberman (Supporter), Thomas & Patricia Lee (Supporter), Larry & Nanci Good (Donor), Joseph Armstrong (Donor), Mr. & Mrs. John Lockhart (Donor), Greater Pittsburgh Dalmatian Club (Grand Donor), Denise Smulski (Donor), Time & Elise Morris, Jim & Michelle Boyd (Supporter), Ray & Norma Bailey (Patron), Charlie & Linda Cyopik, Jim & Kathy Wetzel, Robert & Diana Skibinski (Grand Donor), Barbara Allison (Supporter), Rick Hunt, Kevin Boston, Libby Simendinger, La Donna King, Joni Shoup (Patron), Jaine Rodack, Joy Geisler, Elizabeth Huch (Supporter), Susan Phillips

    Doris & Nick Drinkwater John & Suzanne Madieros, Marsha Coleman

    Janet Thompson Dalmatian Club of Great Indianapolis (Grand Patron)

    David Casey Lyra Partch (Supporter)

    Thomas Murray Anne Rojas (Grand Patron)

In Memory of Dogs

    Green Star's Chocolate Charm and Green Star's English Trifle David & Margie Doane (Grand Patron)

    Rambler Kaleidoscope CD Town & Country DTC

    Riddle's Firehouse Casey CGC Western Reserve Dalmatian Club (Patron), June Dahn (Donor)

    CH Hilary Dux of Rambler CD Town & Country DTC

    Gr. CH Nat'l Jugend CH Touchstone's Four Leaf Clover TT and Touchstone's Magic Mist TT Western Reserve Dalmatian Club (Patron)

    Gr. CH Green Starr's Benjietta Doane Margie Doane (Grand Patron)

    CH Wedgewood Cajo Calais Classic TT Sherry & Bill Cornwell (Supporter), Helen Siegel (Grand Donor)

    CH Funny Girl O' Croatia Cheryl Bryant and Stephen Whittlesey (Grand Donor)

    CH Proctor's Dappled Hi-Flyer Eva Berg (Grand Patron)

    CH Dazzle's High Noon of Croatia Forrest Johnson (Grand Donor)

In Honor

    Winners Dog, Texas Kennel Club, 3/23/03 - Dotzinks ETS Freedom of Pal Dalmatian Club of North Texas (Donor)

    Winners Bitch, Texas Kennel Club, 3/23/03 Cottondale Cat's Meow Dalmatian Club of North Texas (Donor)


    In memory of CH Ravenwood Stop The World CDX NAJ CGC TDI VCCX Tana & BJ Rugg (Grand Donor)

Contributions for August 1, 2002 - January 31, 2003

General Donations:

    Dr. Billie Ingram (Grand Donor), Lois Wilthew (Grand Patron), Hollie Adamic (Grand Donor), Meg Callea (Grand Donor), Kathy Cavanaugh (Grand Donor), Dennis & Michelle Collingwood, Cindy Conley (Supporter), June Dahn (Donor), Roger DeLarco, George & Sandra Dennis, Elaine Dodson (Donor), Martha Fritter, Mr. & Mrs. William Fryers Jr., Dan Greenwald (Donor), Bonnie Hill, Charles Kocur (Donor), Tim Kopet (Donor), Lannie Lancaster DVM (Patron), Karen L. Larson, Jean Longacre, John Mett (Donor), Emma Milford (Supporter), Karen K. Moore, Anne Rojas (Patron), Geraldine Rosen, Georgiann Rudder (Grand Patron), Tana Rugg (Grand Donor), Bronwyn Schoelzel (Donor), Leslie Selfridge (Grand Donor), Carolyn Smith (Supporter), Marsha Smith (Grand Patron), Mary Ann Squire-Reed (Donor), Suzanne Stoll (Grand Donor), Patti & Rod Strand, Dr. Mary Sudzina, Sally Terris (Supporter), Susan Tong (Donor), Bernard Voelkelt (Grand Patron), Pamela Weisman, J. Rick Weyrich (Donor), Stephen Whittlesey (Donor), Sue Williams (Donor), Betty Garvin (Benefactor), Karen Rochin, Joni Lee Shoup (Patron), Michele Wrath (Grand Donor), Jim Smith (Benefactor), Anne Fleming - judging fee (Patron), Eva Berg - judging fee (Grand Patron)

New to Supporter Level

    Susan Barnett, Nancy Bishop, Daniel Chukorov, Philip Kroovand, Michael Nichols, Sharon Roy, Danie Sue Ryan, Patricia Telepas, Loretta Tomlin, Kathry & Gerald Vandelogt, Nancy Sams, Bill & Pam Tynes)

New to Donor Level

    Louis Cesarini, Ronna Hill, Barry Martin, Deborah Nagle, Gale Passman, Julia Soukup, Jane Hopkins, Becky Luft

New to Patron Level

    Mrs. Walter Smith, Marilyn Williamson, Greater Washington DC

New to Grand Patron Level

    John & Jennifer Cramer

In Memory of Persons

    Carole Harris & Cindy Lyford - Mary K. Martin (Grand Donor)

    Lucille Fish - Gail Byrnes (Supporter)

    Mitzi Sprunger - Carol Hayes

In Memory of Dogs

    Ch. Dazzle's High Noon of Croatia, Choco Chip Moonlight Maddie CD & Choco Chip Chase's Chance - Rosie Branaman (Supporter)

    Rorschack "Sparks" Priestly - Jane Polubinski (Supporter)

    Bordal's Diamond Lady Trix CDX, CGC - Western Reserve Dalmatian Club (Patron)

    Coco Crump - Lannie Lancaster DVM (Patron)

    Ch. Roughrider Kate O'Touchstone TT CGC - Western Reserve DC (Patron)

    Gardner Family's "Sadie" - Jeanette Weaver

    Shawnee's Bill Cody of R-Dals - Kathy Riddle (Grand Donor), Jack & Marcella Austin (Grand Donor) and the Western Reserve DC (Patron)

    Rescue "Winnifred" - Dr. David & Margie Doane (Grand Patron)

    Rambler Kaleidoscope CD and Ch. Hilary Dux of Rambler CD - Becky Luft (Donor)

    Ch. Paisley Poppycock CDX TD TDI CGC - Bill & Pam Tynes (Supporter)

Litter Celebration

    Ch. Daisydot Checkered Flag "DeSoto" x Ch. Canal-Side's French Kiss "Kiss" - Dianne Daley (Donor)

In Honor of

    Miss Kitty CD, TD - Pamela Tynes

    Jack & Marcella Austins' 50th Wedding Anniversary - Steve, Pam, Danny & Shelly Weisman (Supporters), Kathy & Frank Szomoru, June Dahn (Donor)

    Winners Bitch - Ft. Worth KC - Thidwick Concert in the Park (Carolyn Smith, owner)

    Winners Dog - Ft. Worth KC - Five Alarm Attention Getter (Luanne Williams, owner) - Dal Club of North Texas (Donor)

    New Champion Ch. R-Dals Lone Ranger - Kathy Riddle (Grand Donor)

    Supported entries at the Sammamish KC - Puget Sound DC (Grand Patron) -

    Best of Breed - Ch. Mainstreet's Hoo Doo On The Spot (Larsen & Wissinger)

    BOS - Ch. Amera's Picturesque ( Smith)

    Winners Bitch/BOW - Motion Maker's Made You Look (Bryant)

    Winners Dog - Daisy Dot Dalmino Mi Corizon (Daisydot/McCann/Garlinger/Lyons)


    Nancy Tidwell, Barbara Carper, Tina Thomas (Grand Patron) - In Honor of "Emma's" adoption and honoring Championships for Ch. Belle Aire's Knight T'Remember and Ch. Bottom's Up Bayou Party at Belle Aire

Stone & Kidney Fund

    Dalmatian Club of Greater Indianapolis (Grand Patron)

If you have questions about listings or donor acknowledgements contact Sheila Wymore: Wymores@aol.com.

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