Saturday, August 22, 2009
Crown Plaza Hotel - Bloomington, MN


    The third quarter meeting of the Dalmatian Club of America Foundation Board of Directors was called to order at 4:20 PM CDT on Saturday, August 22, 2009, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bloomington, MN, by President James W Smith. DCAF Directors present in addition to President Smith were Mrs. Norma Baley, Mrs. Sharon Boyd, Mr. John Cramer, Dr. J. Charles Garvin, Mrs. Meg Ispas-Hennessey, Mr. Rob Lawson, Ms. Laura Lightholder, Mrs. Diana Skibinski, Mrs. Connie Wagner and Mrs. Sheila Wymore.


    Minutes of the April 4, 2009 Foundation Meeting in Chicago, Illinois were distributed by e-mail and regular mail. No corrections were received. There being no further additions or corrections, Mrs. Skibinski made a motion to approve the minutes as they stand; seconded by Mrs. Hennessey, the motion passed.


    A. President - Mr. Jim Smith.
    Mr. Smith remarked that his report for the meeting would be verbal and brief. He proceeded to thank Dr. Ginger Iwaoka and Mrs. Meg Hennessey for their work with reference to research being done by Dr. Bartges in coordinating what looks to be a very exciting project. In addition, Dr. Iwaoka has done a tremendous amount of background work on various health issues in the breed, i.e., heart, thyroid, and also the DNA repository of blood samples for future research. He expects to have concrete proposals presented to the board at the next meeting.

B. Vice President - Meg Hennessey - No report.

C. Secretary's Report - Sheila Wymore -

    The report details the activities of the DCAF secretary between 4/1/09 and 8/13/09.

    Correspondence sent

    • April meeting minutes compiled from audio files and emailed to the board members
    • Approved minutes sent to Julia Soukup for web site and Debbie Zink for Spotter inclusion
    • August meeting notice sent to the Officers and Board of Directors by e-mail or regular mail.
    • DCAF Standing Rules emailed to board members for input/suggestions

    Correspondence received

    • Emails from board members acknowledging receipt of minutes with approval or corrections
    • Emails from the treasurer with information input for the donor lists as now maintained by the secretary

D. Treasurer's Report - Rob Lawson -

    Mr. Lawson submitted a report with a Balance Sheet from January 1, 2009 through August 19, 2009, showing Assets/Liabilities of $369,119.72. The Income/Expense detail for the same period listed revenues of $41,941.67 and expenses of $7,073.27 for a total of $34,868.40 excess of income over expense.

    In reviewing the statement Mr. Lawson reported that our investment accounts are recovering from the lows reported after the first of the year. Charles Schwab is still being difficult over paperwork related to the change in treasurer, but even that account has recovered slightly from its low point. The Evans Bank CD is earning good interest compared to what is on the market now. General donations and memorials are coming in at the usual level, a credit to our members in these tough financial times.

Dr. Garvin made a motion to accept the reports of the officers. Seconded by Mrs. Baley, the motion passed.


    Ms. Soukup included in her report a request to be replaced as Chair of this committee. She will serve until a replacement is found and would like to remain as a committee member.

    DCAF Gala:
    The custom watercolor portrait was auctioned off at the intermission of the Top 20 event and brought in $450.00 for DCAF. A second portrait was offered via the online auction and brought in another $390.00 for DCAF.

    DCAF Christmas Cards: - Julia Soukup. No report.

    DCAF Online Auction: - Cinda Haff/Julia Soukup -
    Over the past months we have had successful auctions including the special bidding for the custom art work. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity for such a unique, individually designed piece of art. The winning bidder was very excited to have this one of a kind painting created. In our most recent auction we received bidding on 50% of the items posted. Most like this is a byproduct of the economy and hopefully interest will increase as the year progresses and we approach the holiday shopping season.

    In the area of donations people have been very generous in sending hard to find collectibles and unique hand crafted pieces to the auction. There have been a number of inquiries regarding additional donations and those should be arriving in the near term for use in future auctions. We have a reasonable surplus of items available for coming auctions and hopefully, as we post these items, bidding interest will continue to grow.

    Mr. Lawson will contact Kathy Aycock, our original Development Committee Chair, who recently expressed an interest in becoming active again. He also mentioned a potential fund-raising concept of owners donating money to the Foundation whenever their Dals receive big wins, and in return a picture of the Dal would be placed on the web site for a period of time. This concept was used several years ago but without benefit of electronic advertising. There could be a gallery of BIS, BISS, Group wins, Breed wins, new champions, and recent majors. Mr. Lawson will talk to Julia and determine the cost, and a potential layout for the section.

    There was a brief discussion regarding putting some of these items on eBay to reach a larger audience. Meg volunteered to complete the paperwork process for setting up an initial account in the name of the Foundation. Robert Skibinski will take photos of Dalmatian items recently donated to Norma Baley. Cindy Bowman will put the items up for bidding. Once they are sold and paid for, Cindy Haff will be in charge of wrapping and sending them to the highest bidder.

    DCAF Gala: Norma Baley and Rob Lawson -
    The tradition will continue with the 2010 Specialty; however certain details will be changed. Tickets will be handed out ahead of time in a combined packet with other ticketed events, along with an enclosed raffle ticket for the door prizes. The hotel has stock decorations appropriate to a formal event that they have offered at no charge, which will decrease expenses. The music will be a little more upbeat.

V. Investment Committee Report - Rob Lawson -

    Mr. Lawson reported again that the interest rates we are receiving are comparable to the current market lows, and that our investment accounts are gaining back on their losses but have not achieved full return to the figures of mid-2008. We are playing a waiting game with the market, until the time is right to put some of our money in T.I.P.S. Mrs. Christine Gogan will advise us as to when to move money; she would like us to move part of the monies prior to any potential inflationary spiral in stock prices. Mr. Lawson will touch base with her again.


    Mr. Smith has been in touch with Dr. Doane, who has already received a grant proposal from Dr. Bartges regarding his study into additional causes of stone formation in Dals. Dr. Doane will be in touch with his committee and will hopefully get back to Mr. Smith with a decision very shortly. Mrs. Hennessey made a motion that we approve Dr. Bartges? grant proposal, pending acceptance/approval by the Grants Committee. Seconded by Mr. Cramer, the motion passed unanimously.


  1. Website - Julia Soukup -
    Ms. Soukup reported her activities with regard to maintaining the web site.

      Additions or Updates (since last report in February):
      • Added menu links at bottom of main page
      • April Meeting Minutes, update Meeting menu page
      • Change and add to Flash banner on main page
      • Renew hosting for 1 year
      • Watercolor Auction up live
      • Add Watercolor auction banner to flash & remove when over
      • Redesign Auction page
      • Another Auction round
      • BAER Results submission banner and link
      • Work on menu issue with FireFox
      • Add CHIC DNA banner & link to flash
      • Re-index site for search feature

      Projects in Progress

      • Redesign web site - still in progress. Online Auction page redesigned.

Mrs. Skibinski made a motion to accept the committee reports as presented. Seconded by Dr. Garvin, the motion passed unanimously.


  1. AKC-CHF Parent Club Conference
      Dr. Garvin questioned whether we were set to attend the AKC-CHF Parent Club Conference. Mrs. Hennessey replied that she and Dr. Iwaoka are signed up to attend, at $200 per person, one representing DCA and one DCAF. Dr Garvin made a motion that the registration and travel expenses for both Dr. Iwaoka and Mrs. Hennessey to attend the AKC Canine Health Foundation National Parent Club conference be reimbursed by the Foundation, as it relates to health and research. Seconded by Mr. Lawson, the motion passed unanimously.


    Mrs. Hennessey brought a request from DCA that the Foundation continue to fund the bonus money awarded at the Futurity to those winners whose sire and dam were CHIC registered and whose owners are DCA members. The program was set to expire after the 2010 specialty show. In addition, the DCA is requesting additional awards for regular class winners. Mrs. Hennessey made a motion that the Foundation continue to fund the CHIC Futurity program three years beyond the original 2010 deadline, and in addition the Foundation will fund $50.00 awards to all first place winners in regular conformation classes (if an owner is a DCA member and both sire and dam have their CHIC number) extended thru 4th place in the Bred By Exhibitor classes at $25.00 per award. Seconded by Mrs. Skibinski, the motion passed.


    There being no further business, Mrs. Baley made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:50 PM CDT. Seconded by Mrs. Skibinski, the motion was approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sheila Wymore
DCAF Secretary

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