Saturday, April 4, 2009
Holiday Inn Holidome - Lawrence, KS


    The second quarter meeting of the Dalmatian Club of America Foundation Board of Directors was called to order at 1:45 PM CDT on Saturday, April 4, 2009, at the Holiday Inn Holidome, Lawrence, KS, by President James W Smith. DCAF Directors present in addition to President Smith were Mrs. Norma Baley, Mrs. Sharon Boyd, Mr. John Cramer, Mrs. Marjorie Doane, Dr. J. Charles Garvin, Mrs. Meg Ispas-Hennessey, Mr. Rob Lawson, Ms. Laura Lightholder, Mrs. Diana Skibinski, Ms. Julia Soukup, Mrs. Connie Wagner and Mrs. Sheila Wymore. Also present were Grants Review Committee Chairman Dr. David Doane, Investment Advisor Ms. Christine Gogan and DCA Health and Research Chairman Dr. Ginger Iwaoka.


    Minutes of the February 28, 2009 Foundation Meeting in Chicago, Illinois were distributed by e-mail and regular mail. No corrections were received. There being no further additions or corrections, Mr. Lawson made a motion to approve the minutes as they stand; seconded by Mrs. Hennessey, the motion passed.


    A. President - Mr. Jim Smith.
    Mr. Smith remarked that he had no written report for the meeting. He simply stated that he wished to thank those who do so much for this organization, including but not limited to Julia Soukup and her Development Committee, and Rob Lawson and Norma Baley who co-chair the DCAF Gala. President Smith then went on to state that he would like to have a plan in place for approaching all aspects of the health of the Dalmatian. With the help of Dr. Ginger Iwaoka, Chairman of the DCA Health and Research committee, his hope is to have a plan formulated by the end of this year for moving forward in the next.

B. Vice President - Meg Hennessey - No report.

C. Secretary's Report - Sheila Wymore -

    The report details the activities of the DCAF secretary between 3/1/09 and 3/27/09.

    Correspondence sent

    • February meeting minutes compiled from audio files and emailed to the board members
    • Approved minutes sent to Julia Soukup for web site and Debbie Zink for Spotter inclusion
    • April meeting notice sent to the Officers and Board of Directors by e-mail or regular mail

    Correspondence received

    • Emails from board members acknowledging receipt of minutes with approval or corrections
    • Emails from the treasurer with information input for the donor lists as now maintained by the secretary

D. Treasurer's Report - Rob Lawson -

    Mr. Lawson submitted a report with a Balance Sheet from January 1, 2009 through March 31, 2009, showing Assets/Liabilities of $331,851.75. The Income/Expense detail for the same period listed revenues of $11,210.70 and expenses of $7,410.27 for a total of $3,800.43 excess of income over expense. However, Mr. Lawson, at the direction of the board, had refunded a donation check in the amount of $4,200.00, which brought our balance to a negative figure of $399.57 for the quarter.

    In reviewing the statement Mr. Lawson reported that general donations and memorials are coming in at the usual level, and we were able to donate $2,500 to AKC/CHF. Approximately 80 Gala tickets have been sold, with flyers about the event inserted in the welcome bags and another e-blast sent out just prior to the start of this specialty. The investment portfolio, which has been adversely affected by the economy, dropped again slightly in this quarter.

Mrs. Baley made a motion to accept the reports of the officers. Seconded by Dr. Garvin, the motion passed.


    Ms. Soukup reported that not much has happened in the month since her last report. Auctioned at the intermission of the Top Twenty will be a custom watercolor, an example of which will be on display and put in the daily newsletter as well as on line.

    DCAF Christmas Cards:
    This project will be pursued more after the national, when we hope to be set up and running on e-bay to reach a larger sales audience.

    DCAF Online Auction:
    A second custom watercolor will be featured on the online auction, as well as the standard items usually presented.

    DCAF Gala:
    Two custom watercolor portraits from picture(s) of winning bidders’ choice has been donated to the DCAF Development Committee by DCA member and artist Darcy Best. A sample of her work will be showcased at the Gala and her services for a custom water color will be auctioned off at the Top 20 intermission.

    Mr. Lawson reported the tickets, nametags, and drink coupons are all in envelopes and ready for distribution the evening of the event. The hotel is working out details of the menu with us, the combo is set to play, and decorations are prepped and ready to be put up. He did solicit for some help with the welcome table, which needs to be ready as early as 5:00 PM to handle the first of the attendees. The quilt that was specially designed as a fundraiser for this event will be auctioned at the intermission of the Top Twenty that evening along with the custom watercolor.

    Mr. Lawson reviewed an idea for next year: asking our club’s artists to submit work that would be juried into acceptance and then auctioned at the Gala. The paintings/drawings/sculptures or whatever would be solicited well in advance and advertised extensively. The Gala committee would select from the submissions and only offer a couple at each year's event.

V. Investment Committee Report - Rob Lawson.

    Mr. Lawson introduced Ms. Christine Gogan, our investment advisor. She reviewed our action decision of last year which was to move the Foundation's assets to a more traditional asset allocation of 60% stocks and 40% non-stocks. We decided to implement this plan when the market settled down a bit. In preparation, we positioned ourselves with part of the assets in a Vanguard money market account. When the key economic indicators stabilize, we will be ready to make some judicious moves. An option open to the Foundation are Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, which are a type of bond but with the principal moving with inflation. With the market in such a state of flux, Ms. Gogan recommends that the Investment Committee stay in close touch and be prepared to make some quick and careful decisions as the economy recovers in the coming months.


    Dr. Doane was able to join us in person for this meeting, and expressed his concern that the committee has not had any grant requests submitted for consideration, which indicates to him that we are not interesting the people who are doing research.

    He reported that Dr. Greg Hanley, who was added to this committee at the last board meeting, is from Eastern Tennessee State University and is in charge of all the animal research. Dr. Hanley has an extensive background in research. Once the Foundation, in cooperation with the Dalmatian Club of America, has put together a list of all the health issues related to the breed that need further research, Dr. Doane will sit down with Dr. Hanley and address those issues in a way that would be attractive to researchers. They would have privy to every veterinary and medical college in the country and could put out a call for papers that will address the issues that we want to support with funding. The board was extremely receptive to this idea and encouraged Dr. Doane to consult with Dr. Ginger Iwaoka, who is currently in the process of assembling this information.


  1. Website - Julia Soukup
    Ms. Soukup reported that the Foundation web page has been redesigned but there are random problems encountered by Firefox users. She will work toward resolving these.

      Additions or Updates:
      • Main site page redesigned and Live!
      • February Meeting Minutes, update meeting menu page
      • Update Board
      • Flash banner added to new main page
      • Re-index site for search feature

      Projects in Progress

      • Redesign web site – main page completed! Other pages to follow


  1. OFA Hearing Database
      Mrs. Hennessey reported that Mr. Scott Facey would like to request that the Foundation continue to fund the expenses of submission of entire litter hearing stats to the hearing database. As no comments were forthcoming to the contrary,
      Mrs. Hennessey made a motion that the Foundation make a $2000 contribution to the OFA to fund the expenses of submission of entire litter hearing statistics to the database. Seconded by Mrs. Wymore, the motion passed.


    There was no new business brought before the board at this meeting.


    There being no further business, Mrs. Hennessey made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:15 PM CDT. Seconded by Mr. Cramer, the motion was approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sheila Wymore
DCAF Secretary

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