Approximately forty "Decorated Dalmatian" statuettes will be sold in a Silent Auction during the National Specialty, April 28th - May 4th, 2011 as a fundraiser for the Dalmatian Club of America Foundation, Inc. (DCAF).

As pictures are sent in we will be posting them here on this page as well as on FaceBook. Be sure to "like" the page and share with your friends!

Mouse over any photo for an enlargement and additional views.

#1 - Periwinkle
Artist Kathy Duran
#2 - "Z-Dal Out of Africa"
Artist Carol Wells
#3 - "Spot from Dick & Jane"
Artist Carol Wells
#4 - "Be Kind to Nature & Mother Earth"
Artist Kailyn M. Stephens (age 14)
#5 - "Save Our Oceans and Sea Turtles"
Artist Brenna L. Stephens (age 9)

#6 - "To Be King"
Artist Ila Watts

#7 - "Happy"
Artist Patrick Jones
#8 - "Flower Power"
Artist Linda Jones
#9 - "Sweeter Than A Hershey's Kiss"
Artist Pam Fisher

#10 - "Dazzle"
Artist Kathy Duran
#11 - "Dalmatian Jones"
Artist Teresa Bailey
#12 - "La Rana"
Artist Lorree Breman
In the tradition of Oaxacan artisans formt he deep south of Mexico comes
#13 - "Luck of the Irish"
Artist Suzi Wall
#14 - "Coach"
Artist Sharron Podleski
#15 - "Paw Prints On Your Heart"
Artist Karen West
#16 - "Hockey Night in Canada"
Artist Sharon Debor
#17 - "Dog Days at the Ball Park"
Artist Laurie Isaacson
#18 - "Movie Star"
Artist Lesley Stevens
#19 - "Dalmatian of Heritage"
Artist Peggy Strupp
#20 - "BeDALzled"
Artist Donna Mitchell
#21 - "Celebrating Survival"
Artist Becky Goodwin
#22 - "All American Dog"
Artist Jessica MacMillan
#23 - "Ghiradally"
Artist Jennifer Meisch
#24 - "Chill Dal"
Artist Meg Callea
#25 - "Code One"
Artists Dave & Sharon Rogers
#26 - "Yankee Doodle Dal"
Artist Walter Polaski
#27 - Disco Dal
Artist Emily Baer
#28 - "Tinker Dal"
Artists Tonya King
#29 - "Sherwin - Paint The Town"
Artist Kathryn Ryan
#30 - "Bucket Bitch"
Artist Kim Hanna Jenning
#31 - "Surfer Dal"
Artist Barrie Essner
#32- "Derby Dal"
Artist Laura Carpenter
#33 - "Patch"
Artist Kathy Duran
#34 - "Doodle"
Artist Kathy Duran
#35 - "Surf's Up"
Artist Barbara Lyons
#36 - "Talavera Tecali"
Artist Melissa Lawrence
#37 - "Phoenix Dal ~ The Fire Spirit"
Artist Sheila Wymore
#38 - "More Birthdays With My Spots"
Artist Lynette Rutz
#39 - "Dog and Pony Show"
Artist Kelly Rea
#40 - "A Time For Best In Show"
Artist Linda Stafford
#41 - "Carousel Dalmatian"
Artist Ann Swope

The Decorated Dals will be on display at the Dalmatian Club of America National Specialty all day on Tuesday during Conformation classes, and Tuesday evening during and after Top Twenty. The auction will close about an hour after Top Twenty.

Not able to attend DCA this year? Don't miss the chance to own one of these unique Decorated Dalmatians and raise money for DCAF!

You can participate from home!

  • E-mail your bid to Toni Linstedt
    Email Remote Bid

  • Include the # of the Decorated Dal

  • Make your bid for the maximum you are willing to pay. (You may only place one remote bid per figurine so make it count!)

  • Minimum bids are $25.

  • Remote bids must be received by no later than Friday, April 29 at midnight CST.

  • Remote bidders will also pay shipping for delivery of their figurine(s).

People bidding in person will know that there is a remote bid, but they will not know the amount. When the auction ends, if a remote bidder is the high bidder, bidder will pay $1 more than the last highest bid.

Decorated Dalmatians Dimensions:
Tip of Nose to Tip of Tail = 6 3/4"
Height at top of head = 4 3/4"
Height at withers = 3 1/4"
Tail set to base of neck = 3 1/4" (Shew = he's balanced!)
Width at withers = 1 1/4"
Width at rear = 1"
Skull from tip of nose to rear of skull=1 1/2"
Skull width from ear set to ear set = 1"

Perfectly balanced!

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